Christmas meet, 2016

A great Christmas "Do", a trip to Wet Grooves mine followed by great company and food. Thanks to Helen and Andy for leading the mine trip and for the use of Hardraw Old School Bunk House

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2016-09-07 Roger Kirk

A Ribblehead classic, but neither James nor I had done it before.
Found the East Sink entrance ok (thanks, Garmin), and as the water levels were fairly low, we made it through the Tube without flipping onto our backs, thereby keeping a small area round our shoulders dry.
Kudos to James as he hasn't got a proper undersuit!

Found our way to Middle Entrance, popped out, admired the view, back down again to the lower entrances - both of them although the last one did seem like wallowing for the sake of it.

Back to the cars as light was fading, and we had our photos taken with the viaduct in the background by a nice lady who said we looked incredible. But we knew that!


2016-07-03 Birks Fell

A good trip to a fine cave - we didn't get as far as we hoped, as the navigation isn't as straightforward as the survey suggests. I'd heard it was pretty (it is), so took my camera, but all the underground pictures were well down to my usual standard. So here is a picture of an exceptionally fine formation above ground......


Birks Fell, Andy


2016-04-10 Kingsdale Master Cave

A new comers trip to KMC via Valley Entrance - read more >>>