Meets List

Wed 11-Jan-17 Short Gill Entrance climb  
Sun 15-Jan-17 Long Kin East SRT  
Wed 18-Jan-17 Jingling SRT  
Wed 25-Jan-17 Haytime Hole Loose apparently, ladders?  
Sun 29-Jan-17 Rumbling Hole SRT  
Wed 1-Feb-17 Wilf Taylors SRT, Lancaster Hole  
Wed 8-Feb-17 Toyland Snugness from Valley entrance  
Sun 12-Feb-17 Notts Pot SRT  
Wed 15-Feb-17 Bull pot kingsdale SRT  
Sat 18-Feb-17 Stream passage pot Fine SRT  
Wed 22-Feb-17 Deaths Head/Big Meanie SRT  
Sun 26-Feb-17 Little Hull SRT  
Wed 1-Mar-17 Illusion Fixed ladders, possible duck  
Wed 8-Mar-17 Lost Johns SRT  
Sat 11-Mar-17 President’s meet Followed by AGM and Dinner  
Wed 15-Mar-17 Calf Holes Easy SRT or ladder  
Sat 18-Mar-17 Boundary Pot Easegill through trip to Wretched  
Wed 22-Mar-17 Knacker Trapper Sounds like fun  
Wed 29-Mar-17 Wretched/Spiral Climbs in Wretched, round trip to Stop Pot  
Sat 1-Apr-17 Nenthead Mines Hopefully someone knows the way  
Wed 5-Apr-17 Aygill/Meets List SRT/Could be laddered  
Wed 12-Apr-17 Snatcher Pot Fountains Fell  
Sun 16-Apr-17 Gingling Pot SRT, NFTFH, tight entrance  
Wed 19-Apr-17 Low Douk Climb in entrance, interesting rift  
Wed 26-Apr-17 Swinsto SRT