Meets List

Wed 20 Sep Aquamole SRT Vertical but nothing too difficult  
Sun 24 Sep Pillar Holes SRT Bit of a hike to a number of shafts on Ingeborough  
Wed 27 Sep Illusion ladder Climb down fixed ladders to pretty cave  
Wed 04 Oct Deaths Head SRT Vertical, possible awkward rebelay  
Sun 08 Oct Jib Tunnel Big SRT Gaping Gill mani shaft  
Wed 11 Oct Cow Pot SRT Vertical, tricky ish rebelay, awkward on way out  
Wed 18 Oct Heron Pot SRT Can be laddered, possible through trip  
Sun 22 Oct Juniper Gulf SRT Long walk and potentially challenging situations  
Wed 25 Oct Lost Johns SRT Classic SRT on Leck  
Wed 01 Nov Outsleets Beck SRT Great cave, needs settled weather  
Sun 05 Nov Marilyn - Bar SRT Alternative entrances to Gaping Gill  
Wed 08 Nov Rowten SRT Vertical, poss tricky rebelay, some exciting situations  
Wed 15 Nov Swinstow SRT Best fun you can have on a rope  
Sun 19 Nov Ingleborough Cave SRT Straight forward, a tad damp Bob
Wed 22 Nov Voldermort pull through SRT Tight in places  
Sun 26 Nov Vesper - Spectacle SRT Tight in places  
Wed 29 Nov Gale Garth   Amusing  
Sat 02 Dec Christmas Do Horton   Some caving and some drinking  
Wed 06 Dec Lancaster - Slug world SRT Some pretties  
Sat 09 Dec Rat Hole Big SRT Another GG main drop  
Wed 13 Dec Dismal hill to Old Ing   Bit of a rib bruiser but good fun, needs settled weather  
Wed 20 Dec Bull Pot SRT Another Kingsdale classic  
Wed 27 Dec Yordas SRT A nice easy SRT training session from top to side inlets ?  
Wed 03 Jan BPOTW Gour Chamber SRT Another one for the non pie eaters  
Wed 10 Jan Notts 2 climb The best you can do without string  
Sun 14 Jan Lost johns - Deaths Head SRT Would need a decent team  
Wed 17 Jan Alum Pot/Dican? SRT Loads of options, Dican excahnge on a Wed, would need speedy caving  
Wed 24 Jan Jingling exchange SRT Another Kingsdale classic  
Wed 31 Jan Boxhead Pot - Kendal extensions SRT Boxhead extensions by KCC