Wed 06/01/2016 Jingling SRT
Sun 10/01/2016 Lancaster SRT, lots of options
Wed 13/01/2016 Notts II Kerplunk climb to nice streamway Damian
Wed 20/01/2016 Skirwith Straight forward former show cave Chris
Sun 24/01/2016 Vesper Pot SRT, ask Jason
Wed 27/01/2016 Lancaster Not again… Darren
Wed 03/02/2016 Alum Another classic with a few options Tim D
Sat 06/02/2016 Ireby Great SRT trip to some impressive passage
Wed 10/02/2016 Sunset Nice streamway with easy SRT Andy G
Sun 14/02/2016 King Pot All manner of misery, wouldn't bother if I was you
Wed 17/02/2016 Heron Bit of a walk, some SRT, through trip option Chris
Wed 24/02/2016 Lost Johns Classic SRT Gareth
Sun 28/02/2016 Gingling Lots of SRT, some tight bits
Wed 02/03/2016 Ibbeth Peril Easy but needs settled weather Claire
Sat 05/03/2016 Lancaster Again more options with a full day Paul
Wed 09/03/2016 Hardrawkin Straight forward SRT John
Sat 12/03/2016 Presidents Meet and Dinner Staion Inn Ribblehead
Sun 13/03/2016 Rumbling Difficult-ish SRT
Wed 16/03/2016 Link SRT, it has shrunk over the years Gareth
Wed 23/03/2016 Illusion Ladder climb, cows tails for optional final traverse Tim K
Sun 27/03/2016 Grange Rigg Tightish entrance to GG
Wed 30/03/2016 Notts II Long-ish scaff climb to fine streamway Chris
Wed 06/04/2016 Bull Pot Kingsdale Classic SRT Tim D
Sun 10/04/2016 Boundary Upper end of Easgill Jason
Wed 13/04/2016 Calf holes/meets list Easy classic SRT or ladder Chris
Wed 20/04/2016 Rowten Difficult-ish SRT Paul
Sun 24/04/2016 Sleets Gill Needs settled weather
Wed 27/04/2016 Wretched-Stop Pot Great trip with no SRT Andy G
Sat 07/05/2016 Robinson Pot? Permit applied for