Wed 27-Aug-14 Short Drop Fine stream passage, SRT to get out of Gavel Chris
Sun 07-Sep-14 Bar Pot Most popular entrance to Gaping Gill Elaine
Wed 03/09/2014 Calf Holes Optional SRT Claire
Sun 07/09/2014 Bar Pot SRT to Gaping Gill Andy G
Wed 10/09/2014 Swinsto Pull through Chris
Wed 17/09/2014 Dry Gill Needs dry weather Jason
Sun 21/09/2014 Juniper Gulf SRT John
Wed 24/09/2014 Hardrawkin SRT Elaine
Sat 27/09/2014 County/Wretched SRT or ladder
Wed 01/10/2014 Dismal Hill/Old Ing Good fun, no SRT Ed
Fri 03/10/2014 South Wales Helen and Andy
Wed 08/10/2014 Alum SRT or Chruns Gareth
Wed 15/10/2014 Roaring Hole Can be SRT Paul
Sat 18/10/2014 Tatham Wife SRT Rachel
Wed 22/10/2014 Lancaster SRT, load of options Tim K
Sat 25/10/2014 Shuttleworth Easy SRT to great cave
Wed 29/10/2014 Deaths Head SRT, newish extension Andy J
Sun 02/11/2014 Hurnel Moss Big shaft, SRT Gareth
Wed 05/11/2014 Fireworks? No idea Chris
Sat 08/11/2014 Goyden Really good trip Jason
Wed 12/11/2014 Lost Johns SRT Tim D
Sat 15/11/2014 Lancaster SRT, load of options
Wed 19/11/2014 Notts II Climb down shaft Andy G
Sat 22/11/2014 Marilyn SRT to Gaping Gill Helen
Wed 26/11/2014 Jingling/Lateral Cleft SRT John
Wed 03/12/2014 Turbary Pot and Meets List Short, SRT Chris
Sun 07/12/2014 Boundary Pot Easegill Jason
Wed 10/12/2014 Cow Pot SRT Richard
Sat 13/12/2014 Short Drop SRT/Ladder
Wed 17/12/2014 Sunset Optional SRT Damian
Sat 20/12/2014 Devis Hole Mine/Christmas Do Should be fun Helen and Andy
Wed 31/12/2014 New Rift Pot Recently extended, SRT Barney