Wed 07-May-14 Low Douk Defines meandering rift Richard
Sun 11-May-14 Dale Head Plenty of pitches Barney
Wed 14-May-14 Red Moss Couple of climbs to decent streamway Damian
Wed 21-May-14 Lancaster Lots of options Chris
Sun 25-May-14 Ireby Great trip to Duke Street II Helen
Wed 28-May-14 Swinsto Fine pull through John
Wed 04-Jun-14 Sell Gill Good SRT practice Tim K
Sun 08-Jun-14 Grey Wife Narrow in places, SRT/Ladders Tim D
Wed 11-Jun-14 Smeltmill beck Stream passage next to the A66 Ed
Wed 18-Jun-14 Hurnell Moss Long walk, 100m split pitch Gareth
Sun 22-Jun-14 Pikedaw and Wizards Paul providing transport, SRT in Pikedaw Paul
Wed 25-Jun-14 Cliff Force Mixed going in stream passage to "room of dangling doom" Andy J
Wed 02-Jul-14 Out Sleets Beck Needs settled weather, SRT Jason
Sun 06-Jul-14 Illusion/KMC An easy weekend in Kingsdale Chris
Wed 09-Jul-14 Southerscales Bring good knee pads Elaine
Sun 13-Jul-14 Dowbergill Long straight rift but not easy Andy J
Wed 16-Jul-14 Deaths Head Vertical, recently extended Tim K
Wed 23-Jul-14 Dry Gil, Scales Moor Needs settled weather Jason
Sun 27-Jul-14 Cape Kennedy Further reaches of Easgill (awaiting permit) John
Wed 30-Jul-14 Blackreef and meets list Plesant but damp Chris
Wed 06-Aug-14 Maracaibo Some pretties off Easegill main drain Tim D
Sun 10-Aug-14 Blackshiver Pot Clue’s in the name, big pitch Barney
Wed 13-Aug-14 Heron A few options, SRT or could be laddered Ed
Wed 20-Aug-14 Simpsons Kingsdale pull through Barney
Sun 24-Aug-14 Magnetometer Varied going, needs settled weather Andy G
Wed 27-Aug-14 Short Drop Fine stream passage, SRT to get out of Gavel Chris
Sun 07-Sep-14 Bar Pot Most popular entrance to Gaping Gill Elaine