2016-09-07 Roger Kirk

A Ribblehead classic, but neither James nor I had done it before.
Found the East Sink entrance ok (thanks, Garmin), and as the water levels were fairly low, we made it through the Tube without flipping onto our backs, thereby keeping a small area round our shoulders dry.
Kudos to James as he hasn't got a proper undersuit!

Found our way to Middle Entrance, popped out, admired the view, back down again to the lower entrances - both of them although the last one did seem like wallowing for the sake of it.

2016-07-03 Birks Fell

A good trip to a fine cave - we didn't get as far as we hoped, as the navigation isn't as straightforward as the survey suggests. I'd heard it was pretty (it is), so took my camera, but all the underground pictures were well down to my usual standard. So here is a picture of an exceptionally fine formation above ground......

2016-05-11 Ibbeth Peril

A good trip on a very dry evening. Here are some pictures

2016-04-10 Kingsdale Master Cave

We had a new-comers trip to Kingsdale master cave via Valley entrance (Roof tunnel), it was a bit damper than expected but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

2016 President's Meet Photos

Here's a few photos from the President's meet at Alum Pot, this was followed by the AGM and annual dinner.

KCC Presidents Meet - Alum Pot

2016-02-09 Sunset Hole

The day dawned an abnormally dry and even sunny surprise after the seemingly endless wet of recent times. It was an excited group that assembled, thrilled by the prospect of an approach walk that was not through driving rain. Chris had kindly collected the ropes. As we were sorting them out by the cars Jason commented that ropes aren't really necessary for Sunset as far as the top of the last pitch and actual SRT kit somewhat infra-dig. We continued with our plan...

2016-01-13 Notts II

(or Committee Pot if you prefer)
After the recent weather we feared the worst, but in fact water levels in the stream were pretty much normal. Heading upstream, I had to investigate Inlet 6.5¾. The stories were quite true - after about 10 metres the passage is completely blocked with sand. No doubt someone will take this on as a digging project - the sand looks very easy to move, but it's impossible to tell how much there is of it, possibly many tons!

2015-09-09 Barbon Pot

The first time Paul and I attempted this turned into a bit of a fell walking exercise because I managed to pick the wrong gate, so by the time we found it enthusiasm had somewhat waned and we failed to find the way on from Caton Hall; this trip I was determined to see a bit more of it. Barbon Pot (unsurprisingly in Barbondale) is a fine little cave and a bit more impressively sized than some of the other holes in that valley. It was being used as a dump by the farmer until the RRCPC put a lot of effort into clearing it out a few years ago.

Whitescar - 15-07-12

Ed (leader), Gareth, Paul, Darren

After waiting around in the car park for the go ahead by the staff, we set off at a quick pace eager for some watery fun. Through the initial swim and into the boulder choke. Located the duck and all four held their breath and plunged through. Negotiated a tight wet squeeze (don't remember that from last time) and off up the main streamway.

2015-06-14 Penyghent Pot

To be honest, I hadn’t really wanted to do Penyghent especially as it was a 9 o’clock start, after a late Saturday night. So I gave Tim and Darren fair warning I might have to turn round before the end, but this didn’t work – there were three full tackle bags, and three people were needed all the way! And it was dry, and so a good opportunity to do this watery pot.

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