Kendal Caving Club

A friendly, active caving club mainly going underground in the Yorkshire Dales.

Trip Reports

Deaths Head Hole

Darren, James, Scott, Tom Freeeezing tonight, with the ground frozen and a reluctant turnout of 4 for this big pitch classic. We rigged off the dodgy-feeling new ground spikes and Darren lead the way on to the big 64m entrance shaft. We then headed down the dig to the master cave including some efficient rigging […]

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Christmas Bash 23

It was a chilly one this year, with frosty frozen ground the whole weekend.  Welly Filler at Inglesport then on to Bull Pot Farm for a late start. John, Miranda, Chris H, Jason headed to Wretched for a through trip to Lancaster, while Sophie, Tom, Scott and Pete rigged Lancaster for a trip in the […]

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Valley Entrance

Dave, Jordan, Ray, Tom, Vicky, Yolanda First trip for new recruits Dave and Jordan, and it were a damp un. We headed in to find the master cave pretty heaving, close enough to call it but we sent brave volunteers down to test it out and it turned out to be just about passable with […]

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