Marble Steps

Tim K, Tim D, John, Jason, Bob, Rhod, Maz, Steve, Tom, Bex (guest)

Decent turnout for an exchange between Gully and Sidewinder routes. As we gradually choked up the top of Masongill Lane with our cars, the team assembled and Tim K headed up to start rigging the entrance climbs. When the rest of the team arrived we split into two and parted ways. A smooth descent from both groups saw us landing in the lower main chamber, and while a couple of folks headed on down to see the start of the lower cave the rest of the team began the re-ascent. 

Top performance from all, especially Maz undertaking his first decent sized SRT trip, Bob returning after breaking his shoulder and Steve de-rigging Sidewinder.

Ireby Fell Cavern

Ray McGarry, Tim Donovan, Helen Hooper, Darren Mackenzie, Chris Downham, Scott Nixon, Tom Calpin, Sophie Cunningham, Bob Cattley, Nick Davies

A grand day out down Ireby during the heatwave, moving like a slick machine (some via Ding Dong Bell, some via the Shadow Route) down to Duke Street before heading up into Whirlpool Crawl for the thankless slog through to Ireby 2. At this point most of the party in their haste turned right and visited ‘Duke Street 3’ aka a chilly swim to a sump, while Ray and Tom turned left for Duke Street 2. Efficient retreat back out for Sophie’s poisoned hot chocolate on the surface, tainted by no-brand rum from Ryelands

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