We welcome newcomers and experienced cavers alike.

We are a very active sport caving club – we are out caving every Wednesday evening and most weekends. Additionally there are usually more leisurely informal trips during the daytime on some weekdays. We also occasionally organise trips to other parts of Britain and abroad. We do the full range of Yorkshire Dales caving and potholing, wet, dry, vertical and horizontal.

We have some very experienced members who can find their way to the most obscure parts of some of the longest cave systems in the country. If you are interested please use the Contact form to get in touch.

New to Caving?

Kendal Caving Club has members, male and female, of all ages from early twenties to beyond retirement and we are very welcoming and friendly. We have equipment that you can borrow while you are getting started and we are happy to organise suitable trips for new comers.