Shuttleworth Pot, Easegill

John Forder, Miranda Forder, Tim Donovan, Tom Calpin

Standard tourist trip down Shuttleworth to Witches II on a sunny Sunday. It’s already rigged which caused some minor rigging issues for us on the way down. Once in Witches II we popped up to the Exercise Yard for a gander, then back over the sump to visit the pretties. A quick but careful nip down into My Newt Passage was sloppily reversed (glad we brought a rope) before a wander up to the mega long straws and a gentle exit.

Mistral Hole, Easegill

Tim Donovan, Darren Mackenzie, Scott Nixon, Tom Calpin

With my new oversuit due to arrive any day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a muddy Mistral send-off so joined for Tim’s trip.

Water levels were relatively high with the beck in full flow, but we managed to get to Leck Fell Lane all the same. A quick look at the thundering inlet waterfalls and we were on our way back through the thick glutinous mud. Darren and Scott headed off to check out Darren and Dave Ramsay’s new dug route down to the end of Pippikin and caught Tom and Tim up as they were walking back across the fell for home.

Gavel Pot Conservation day and BBQ Mackathon

Lots of folks attended

Conservation trip to Gavel Pot after reports of muddy mitts having mucked up Glasfurds. We borrowed the CNCC conservation gear and headed down for a few hours of scrubbing, rinsing and pressure washing.

Afterwards we filed back to Darren’s for a Barn-B-Q with far too much food, mixed with drinking and a bouncy castle for a messy ending.

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