Grey Wife Hole on Cote Gill, Ingleborough was originally excavated by Harry Long and co. Their dig was at the point where the stream stream sinks. Their excavation efforts became blocked by a large boulder leading to the abandonment of the project. In November 1968, members of the Kendal Caving Club decided to apply their skills to the site and chose an alternative opening in the south-east end of the shakehole of a couple of metres from the stream sink.

Two weekends of work revealed a narrow rift which eventually gave them access to 400 metres of passage comprising of two streams, a sump and impressive formations.

This was a significant and unique find on Newby Moss, the highest horizontal streamway in the whole of the Ingleborough drainage. 

[Information from this article information inspired by the YRC records – they subsequently dug the entrance back out after heavy silting]